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Project Description

APB allows an SharePoint 2010 user to build an application page with a JQuery designer.

This project is currently in alpha version and is subject to dramatically change. This version is just a demonstration of this feature and includes :
  • Add / Edit / Down / Up / Delete rows
  • Add several type of controls :
    • TextBox
    • Dropdownlist : possibility to define options
    • ListBox : possibility to define options
    • Image
    • Button
    • Checkbox
    • RadioButtonList possibility to define different radio within.
    • User Control
  • Define properties of control
  • Add button row
  • Generate ASPX code of the application page (SP 2007 & SP 2010)
  • Site map insertion
  • Assembly and Register insertion
  • Custom action in order to add a link toward APB in site settings page

Planned features
  • Make the solution SharePoint 2007 compatible (Almost done...)
  • Define inclusion of css/js file
  • Define Page directive option

Afther the feature has been installed and activated, you have to type http://SITE/_layouts/APBuilder/APBuilder.aspx to access to the feature. Don't hesitate to give feedback about this solution while it's in alpha version.

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